Tips For A Wedding Guest

Weddings are wonderful things. They are a day filled of happy smiling faces, friends, family and sometimes pets that get to catch up after not see each other for waaaay too long! Everyone scrubbing up and making an effort to look their best. For some it’s a chance to have a child free day out and relax with a few drinks. For others it’s a chance for their children to run around and go crazy with their cousins and not have to worry about them. Everyone is nice and everyone is polite so there isn’t really anything to worry about, is there? Well, after attending 5 weddings this year I can honestly say there wasn’t one where I had left something until last minute or forgotten something completely!

Here’s a quick check list to go through before heading to that magical event of the year or fifth… Most of the below is a reference from my own experiences so I hope that others can learn from my misfortune.


Plan your journey. We once joked about  relatives of ours doing a practice run to the venue the week before but in hindsight it’s actually a good idea. I’m always so casual about how long it will take to get somewhere without checking online and I never take traffic into consideration! Whatever that time is, add half hour on. They’ll always be someone who wants to stop off on the way for a toilet break, mints or new tights etc

Camera (this includes the memory card too). This is my personal opinion but I much prefer a camera than a phone for photos. I think it’s a lot more acceptable to be using a point a shoot than whacking  out a big smart phone out of your clutch during the ceremony. You’ll be less inclined to read new messages or start doing that automatic scrolling habit we all do too.

Don’t forget your speech! So! You’ve been given the privilege and the important duty of delivering a speech! Lucky you! You’re Excited but also really nervous because it’s for someone you really care about and you don’t want to mess it up. MAKE SURE YOU PRINT IT OFF – more than once if you can! You don’t want to work really hard on your speech for weeks before the big day to then be last minute scribbling down on paper as much as you can remember.  This time is meant to be spent  socialising with loved ones and not sat in a corner on your own panicking inside. In my case I missed out on a beach day with cocktails and a dip in the Mediterranean sea. *sigh*

Nail varnish. If you are painting your own nails and not getting non chip gel, paint them in the morning or when you have more time. Not in the taxi, on your way to the venue, with your strappy shoes still on..

Tissues. Unless you have a uncontrollable dribbly cold don’t bother trying to squeeze them in your hand bag. to save room just slip a couple of ear buds in your bag instead and just dab any tears in the corner of your eyes before any makeup is smudged. (Of course I have to mention if you’re buying ear buds, wooden or paper are the more environmentally friendly choice.)

Heel stoppers. A must for anyone wearing a stiletto type heel if there is going to be grass. I so wish I had thought of these earlier on in the year! I even wore these on solid ground and inside on the dance floor for extra stability! Thanks to the sister of bride No.4 for kindly giving me a pair, I would have given them back to you but I lost one somehow?! Sorry.

Flat or comfortable shoes. While I’m on the subject of feet there is no harm in taking a pair of spare shoes for the end of the night to go home in. It doesn’t even matter if they don’t go with your outfit anymore. It’s dark and everyone is drunk. People are more bothered about the DJ playing their request before the end of the night than looking at your feet .

Hair clips for windy days. You spent ages and maybe some money getting your hair blow dried or curled for the wind to just blow it right out again. You might get half of your lip gloss tangled in it if you’re lucky too.

Morning after breakfast. If you’re planning on drinking and you’re staying in a hotel that offers breakfast. Take it. No matter how much of a good idea you think it is to ‘stop off somewhere lovely’ along a country road on the way home the next day. It’s not going to happen so get that food in you as soon as you can before that hangover really kicks in.

What an honour it’s been to be invited to be a part of 5 specials days! We’ve had such a ball but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little relieved at only receiving 1 wedding invitation for next year 😉

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