Snazzy Nail Sunday

Felt like I was due a play about with my nails today! I am most definitely not any sort of beauty technition of any sort but still enjoy having a good go! I used this super easy technique a while ago with sticky tape and nail varnish and forgot all about it until I saw a recent pic! With all this super early talk of Christmas I thought I may as well try out some festive nails! This time I decided to try it out with glitter! It may not be as neat as the first time I tried it but that might be because I was being a teeny weenie bit impatient with the drying today! This is a great way to jazz up your hands on the cheap. If you fancy jazzing up your nails yourself, you don’t have to use messy glitter, glitter nail varnish will do! Not sure why but I just seem to make things more of a challenge for myself!

img_8512 img_8511

You will / may need!


·         Nail varnish (minimum 2 contrasting colours)

·         Glitter

·         Sticky tape

·         Scissors


Step 1

Choose a base coat for your nails. Wait until they’re fully dry!

img_8490 img_8488-2

Step 2

Cut the tape into small pieces and place on your nails whichever way you fancy

img_8491 img_8492-2 img_8501

Step 3

Paint the exposed nail with another colour or if using glitter dab on some clear varnish and sprinkle on glitter over some card or paper. Because I hate wasting glitter!

img_8493 img_8495 img_8497 img_8498

Step 4

Coat nails with a clear top coat to make your snazzy nails last longer! 🙂

img_8505 img_8502

Step 5

When fully dry (!) wash hands in cold water to take away any excess glitter


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