Pom Pom Holiday Hat

As we get older we all start to realise that most things that we were told by grownups when we were younger are actually true! One of these things is about sun cream! Yes, I’m sure we’ll all guilty of not applying the safe sun moisturiser because we just can’t be bothered. Most of us should now know that it really does affect your skin in the long term!! I understand that 15/20 minutes (for some people) is meant to be good for you and that vitamin D is most definitely needed whenever possible. I’m talking about laying in it all day. I’m definitely taking more time to apply sun cream on my body before I go out for the day but it just seems to sweat off my face! I’m too lazy to keep reapplying cream so end up with a rosy face and extra freckles! This is where I’ve decided to make sure I wear a hat! Yes, I know it’s a really obvious solution but I always seem to forget to take one away with me and I never really like any I see on holiday (usually too cheesy or tacky!). I found this one in my local supermarket and immediately had to buy it when I discovered it was only 6 euros and it fitted my head. This has got to be one of the most simple craft posts to date so I haven’t written any tutorial steps. I had to share it with you because there are so many pompom items out there that are so overpriced!

If you haven’t already seen my Instagram page then pop over to see a video of me making a pompom! I made 6 for this hat and simply threaded them through and tied them in a bow on the inside. I also added on some extra wool for a strap to prevent my hat from flying off when riding on a scooter on holiday.


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