Plastic container bird hotel

I’m still on a mission to keep making things from plastic bottles or plastic containers. We are all more aware than ever these days that plastic is not only having a huge environmental impact,  there are consequences to human health as well as has devastating effects on our precious wildlife.  I really do try to purchase products which use as little plastic as possible but it’s not always easy. I always use the same bottle to drink my water from each day and I’ve started to buy more from local shops where everything is fresh and served in paper bags. If everyone in the world just did that little bit extra to help the environment it would certainly help a lot! When I do have plastic rubbish I always recycle or put half of it in storage to use for a future project to be up cycled at least.

This time round my up cycled idea is a bird hotel! Well it’s actually a bird house but hotel sounds much more bling don’t you think? We have a huge balcony that is lacking anything really, well other than a sun lounger and our potted Christmas tree! The big white plastic tub I have acquired for this project is thanks to having a super health conscious  boyfriend. Vitamins aren’t something he can’t buy from the local shop in a paper bag but at least it’s only once a year ;). To make your own bird hotel the same process would work with any plastic bottle or container really.

What you’ll need to make your own:

·         Plastic bottle / container

·         Rope / twine / string

·         Marker pen

·         Scissors

·         Craft knife

·         Glue gun

·         Plastic flowers

·         Bamboo stick

·         Bird seed


Step 1

Make a template for the two openings to ensure that they’re both the same size. I drew mine on some paper using a plate for the archway and a ruler for the 3 other sides. Make a little mark on the container where you want the base of the opening to be. Make sure it’s at least a couple of inches up from the bottom so you can pour in a good amount of bird seed. Cut it out the template and stick it onto the container with a few bits of tape. Draw around it with a marker pen and repeat on the opposite side as equally as possible.


Step 2

Use the craft knife to carefully remove the doorway shapes you’ve just drawn. Slow and steady wins the race with this step. It should already be looking like a bird house! Please excuse the pen marks! I shouldn’t have used a permanent marker because I know I’m never going to get it exactly out of the lines


Step 3

Depending on how sharp your scissors are make two holes underneath each doorway. This is for the bamboo stick to slot into. You can make this as long as you like as long as there’s enough room for the birds to hop along on each side on the outside. Score a small cross with the craft knife in the plastic first if you find it hard to push the scissors through.


Step 4

Make two more smaller holes in lid to attach to feed through your string. Stick both ends through each one and double or triple knot underneath.

Step  5

Finally to decorate! This is where the house turns into a hotel. I’ve stuck plastic flowers through pre made holes and then glue gunned them into place. Any decoration will do really! Well almost.. PLEASE don’t glue any small objects onto it that may be dangerous to animals like tiny, pretty shiny beads. Because I didn’t get carried away almost do that – honest!


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