I always like to be prepared for any occasion. Whilst travelling around New Zealand I thought it would be a good idea to have blank birthday cards in my backpack. If by chance it would be a new acquaintance’s birthday during the many hostels that I stayed in, hey presto! Happy Birthday! You probably think this is a bit sad or crazy but it certainly put smiles on faces. I also had paper happy birthday bunting but that soon got destroyed. I’ve wanted to try and make multipurpose bunting for a while now. One that doesn’t rip and is fit for all occasions! This one may not be a quick creation but it’s one that will last for years (hopefully)! I have named it ‘Multibunting’. I’m open to change it If anyone has a better or more imaginative name for it! It can be used for birthdays, Christmas and many a congratulations moment! It’s not perfectly made but it’s mine, so that’s all that matters to me. There are numerous ways to sew and create bunting. In the process of creating this Multibunting I have discovered that there is a much neater way to do it. I would love to share how to make it, so will post a blog soon of how to create your very own! These photographs don’t do it any justice as it’s quite difficult to fit all of the letters in on a picture! (FYI, I needed to make 32 triangles in total.) If you don’t have the time or not the type to get stuck into a lengthy craft project and still fancy being prepared for different occasions then get in touch for some custom made bunting! You might even get your own bunting bag to store it in 😉







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