Little Monster Halloween T-Shirt

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So we’re in the month of October and the main date in the calendar for the majority of people is Halloween. It’s great getting dressed up but it’s a shame the costume is usually stored away for a whole year afterwards! I know there are so many outfits to choose from in almost every store around this time of year but nearly all them are made silky nylon stuff that I’m not too keen on. I like to make the most of a purchase or something I’ve made so I have a lovely idea for a costume for your child that can be worn beyond the spooky date! This ‘Little Monster’ top is easy to make and can be hand sewn or sewn by machine. Team this with a pair of green trousers and your child is ready for the spooky day/night! No accessories to lose, no fuss and a cute, comfy non nylon outfit 🙂


 To make this you will need:

  • A long sleeve t-shirt (one that you don’t mind being cut up!)
  • Felt  (I used black and green)
  • Cotton to match the colour of the t-shirt and the felt
  • Scissors
  • Tacking pins
  • A needle OR sewing machineNote: I used lycra for my spikes in the photos shown. I didn’t have as much felt at home as I thought! Oops!

Step 1

Lying the t-shirt face down, find the centre of the back and cut from below neckline to the bottom seam. Be careful not to cut it all the way!


Step 2

Fold under the edges 0.5 cm and iron to prepare for the spiky spine. This is to neaten and prevent fraying.

Step 3

Lay your material along your t-shirt to measure how long your spine needs to be. Mark it the whole length from end to end so it’s a little longer that the cut you made.


Step 4

Draw your spiky spine. there’s no right or wrong way to do this, a monster can be any size or shape after all! Cut it out then use it as a template to draw around and cut out a second one.


Step 5

Sew both spines together along the edges leaving 1 cm unsewn along the bottom then turn inside out.


Step 6

You should now have two flaps to sew under the folded over seams on the back. tuck these under the seam and tack in place with pins. These can now be sewn on to attach the spine.


Step 7

Now for the letters. You may make these however you wish! Use stencils, buy pre made letters or simply draw them out yourself! Once you have the letters you need, these should be tacked with pins and then sewn into place.



Step 8

Draw out some hands. Again these can be any shape or size. Just make sure you leave enough felt material to enable it to be sewn underneath the sleeve and along the seam of the t-shirt to keep it neat and tidy. Before sewing in it make sure the arm crease of the sleeve is placed in the middle of the hand to ensure it falls over the hand of the child who will be wearing it.





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