Intro to ‘Creative Friend Friday’

We all know that I love making stuff (the clue is in the blog name!), I’m most definitely not the only one! I want to dedicate a day to others who are passionate about being creative. Every Friday we see millions celebrating the start of the weekend with so many ‘happy Friday’ posts. I want to add another sprinkle of happiness to our ‘Fri-yay!’ by introducing a whole bunch of talented and creative souls into your life. I’m honored to know so many incredible people who never cease to amaze me with an abundance of original ideas. The world is most definitely a more colourful place with them in it so the least I can do is to get you acquainted with some quick fire questions for an insight to why I think they’re so fabulous!

The next and following Fridays I’ll be kicking it off with friends in my life. Every time I see their work and new projects it makes me happy knowing they’re doing what they love, it instantly injects inspiration and gives me a boost! Week by week I’m sure it will make many others feel the same so it’s only fair to share their work. 🙂  I love constantly discovering new talents and celebrating a world of creative love! Musicians, painters, builders, photographers, fashion designers…the list goes on. There are NO LIMITS to being creative.

Please get in touch and send me an email if you know someone or you, yourself would like to be featured in the ‘Creative Friend Friday’ question time. Even if it’s just to say hello 🙂



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