Inbetween Moving

The time has come..

We’re moving! We knew we wouldn’t be living here forever but it doesn’t make it any easier to leave! What an amazing experience we have had living in the beautiful city call Pau. If it wasn’t for Rhys landing a job in South West France we would probably have never even knew that this city had existed! I strongly recommend it to be a must see stop off for anyone travelling around the South of France or along the Pyrenees. The city centre is so pretty and comes complete with its very own chateau that gives Pau its own modest wow factor. Put together the chateau against the back drop of the Pyrenees and its breath taking! The well kept parks, ornate churches and a flurry of discrete restaurants with some very tasty menus really make this city such a great place to visit and certainly an amazing place to live! I love you Pau!

Moving house means packing all our belongings up and that meant being surrounded by lots of boxes and lots miscellaneous items that I have no idea where to put and most just ended up being shoved in a plastic bag and then probably lost forever! Unfortunately my little creative room with all my random bits and bobs that give me my Rhi Creations inspiration is also packed up. In fact nothing bar a few suitcases of clothes, my Christmas tree and a few plants are not even in the same city anymore! We moved everything to Toulouse last weekend and we are currently residing in a hotel. Ooo, fancy! A hotel? Ā I hear you say… well it isn’t all that when the main reason we’re in a hotel is so we can clear out the apartment to give it a good clean and fix a few things to make sure we get our deposit back. Going back and to, to an empty apartment each day doesn’t really fill you with much joy. Here are some photos of the living room we will dearly miss!

Disadvantages of living in a hotel: It’s just one room, I can’t ever find what I’m looking for amongst all our suitcases and plastic bags, the wifi is rubbish and we have to eat out every evening which is costing us A LOT!

Advantages of living in a hotel: We’re an even closer walk into the city, the bed is HUGE, and we have to eat out every evening so we get to experience all the restaurants we talked about going to all year šŸ˜‰

Aside from all our suitcases, there’s other baggage Ā that’s not usually mentioned when discussing moving house. Emotional baggage. In most moving situations you pack up all of your stuff and transport it directly to your new abode to start arranging where everything will go. Not in our case. We’re not even sure how long all our belongings will be boxed up and stored away forĀ because we’ll be living with a friend until we find a new place to live. While I’m thoroughly excited about moving to a new city there are certainly a few ups and downs that come with it…

Ups: New city, new adventure, a chance to stay in France and improveĀ our French, the climate is a bit more predictable as we’ll be away from the mountains, we’re a lot closer to the airport for family and friends to visit and I’m hoping more weekend trips to the Mediterranean will be on the cards?

Downs: Being a little sad about leaving our apartment in Pau, we will miss the mountain view, uncertain where we will live and when we will have our own place, uncertain where I will work? Most importantly, I won’t have all my creative resources to hand to make things whenever I like!

So, while we’re in an in-between stage of living somewhere, handing back our amazing apartment and going through the mini emotional rollercoaster of change, we’re trying to make the most out of it. We’re making the most of it by stuffing our faces with amazing local French food and reflecting on how lucky we’ve been this past year to live in such a gorgeous, and perfectly located city! Onwards and upwards!! Next stop – Toulouse!

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