Feeling the Love

Yes it’s time for a soppy blog. I’m feeling the love so much more than usual at the moment. There are quite a few important events that are happening over the next couple of months involving seeing A LOT of friends. I feel like the year or so long wait for it all is finally over! The hen do that happened last weekend was one of the events in particular. What a bunch of amazing ladies! I don’t get to see my friends as much these days whilst living in France. In fact I’m sure it’s not just me that feels this way because we’re all at that age where many shifts are happening in our lives. Saving money to buy houses, having babies and just being a bit more kinder (and healthier) to our bodies each weekend means that we are partying less. Partying is where most, if not all of our friendships have developed and grown from so it’s not surprising that we don’t see each other. This may sound a little sad but it’s quite the contrary! We all stay in touch, some more than others,  but it really doesn’t matter. Whenever we do get together it really is like we saw each other just yesterday and the love and respect  we all have for each other only gets stronger! Here’s to whenever I’m seeing my friends next and looking forward to making new ones! Oh and that painting of a lady prancing about above the text is ME when I was at my first Burning Man festival! A very thoughtful present off friends for my 30th. 🙂

I wish I’d learnt this little heart hack years ago! Thought this would be quite an apt blog to share it on and we have a far too long a wait for valentine’s day! How many times have you tried to draw a heart shape and it’s be wonky or uneven. So you end up rubbing one side out and re-draw it only to make it even worse so you end up with a heart half the size. Follow these quick and easy steps or watch the video to draw your own…

Step 1

Choose your paper or card.

Step 2

Fold it in half.

Step 3

Use something circular. I used a lid but you could use a cup or a plate. Then draw from the top of the line to the edge of where the paper is folded. It should look like the shape of an ice cream cone. Make sure you overlap the circle over the fold. This will create the centre V in the heart.


Step 4

Use a ruler to draw a line from the side of the fold to the curve of your circle line*. I did it from the corner to try and make it as big as I could but you could start it from anywhere really.

Step 5

Cut along the drawn lines then open up the folded paper!

*You can’t see my circle line in Step 4 because I originally did 3 and 4 the other way round then realised it was better this way. Watch my quick video to see how!


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