Card Triangle Garland

I made this for Adam and Clare’s wedding in Ibiza. A request was made for something to hang behind the DJ area to hide the villa living area that lay behind the opened doors. Metallic was the theme of the wedding and triangles were the chosen shape. I spent a good few hours drawing and cutting out triangles so it’s so nice to be able to enjoy the finished product by attending the wedding myself! A Garland, Hanging decoration, cardboard curtain, call it what you like! You can even hang whatever you like! This post is to pass on a few handy tips when sewing through paper or thin card with a sewing machine. I found a DIY blog a while ago but couldn’t find it for the life of me when I actually wanted to make my own so I just had to muddle through. Here are some things I discovered NOT to do therefore I am now able to turn my mistakes into some handy tips:


·         Don’t use cardboard that is mega thick. Sewing machines are only meant to be used for fabric so be kind to it.

·         Make sure the card / paper is clean and has no traces of glue or sticky stuff on it. This will be picked up by your needle and eventually block the machine

·         Change the tension setting on the sewing machine to No.6

·         Change the stitch length setting on the sewing machine to 3.5

·         Make sure there is a sufficient amount of excess cotton pulled out of the machine before you start to sew. This will be used to hang your garland later on.

·         If you want to leave a gap in between each shape, use tissue paper in between for the desired space. This can easily be removed afterwards.

Some photos of the triangles in action 🙂

Congratulations Adam & Clare! X

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