Tricky Business

It’s been a long and gruelling process and I’ve hardly even started the business yet! I’ll be honest, I haven’t been working day and night at it because of other commitments so it’s been more of a trial and error process when I’ve had the time. I have two note books on the go that are full of ideas and sketches along with endless pages in my notes on my phone! I have a bag full of creations that I’ve made and been really excited about selling as a product but then being equally disheartened and bored with a week later! If anyone else has ever felt like this then please let me know! Sometimes I really beat myself up about not getting anywhere with an idea and then sometimes I’m really enthusiastic after having positive feedback. I’m creating my own mini craft roller coaster! I think it just boils down to confidence. I am a confident person but I don’t have much professional experience in the passion I have for hand making products so I’m constantly doubting myself. Every step of a making process is usually a new learning curve. I know once I’ve learnt a new skill I have to practice it again and again to make sure I get it right! This is probably why I end up procrastinating when I’ve been away from my craft room for a while. I know I’ll have to teach myself a skill again before I can carry on!

Thank goodness for the Friday feature on this blog ‘Creative Friend Friday’. I feel so privileged to know so many hard working and talented people. Not only does reading all their answers fill me with inspiration and give me a boost to carry on, I’m also giving myself and others a chance for them all to tell their own story of how they got to be where they currently are creatively. A creative friend doesn’t have to be one of my immediate friends it could be a recommendation! They can be a large well established company or a new business just starting out! I understand how difficult it can be for small businesses and as I’m wanting to start my own I’d love to be able help promote others. Creativeness comes in all sorts of shapes and forms so please feel free to contact me if you fancy a little online interview.

I’ve finally activated my Esty shop Peaks and Palms! I’ve had enough of putting it off by saying ‘life just gets in the way’ and just need to get on with it (even if I have only got one product for sale right now!) I formally started a business called ‘It’s s Pom Pom thing’. It was all things pompoms and festivals and I absolutely loved making everything I sold! I decided to take a different creative direction and  I’m in the process of coming up with ideas of making products to cater for a wider audience. Don’t get me wrong, I still love pompoms! They actually feature in a upcoming blog again soon. I want to make life that little bit more organised and make multifunctional items. Because we all need more time to have fun! I hope you all stick by me on this journey. It’ll be a slow one but it’ll be worth it!



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