The Visual Morning Reminder

Wanted to share my random idea I had this morning! Some of you might think I’m a little crazy or over the top with this but I’m open to trying anything to keep myself on top of sticking to any sort of routine. I really am a visual person and need to see things written down or have pictures of stuff stuck up to give my memory a little nudge. I really do have the best intentions of keeping some sort of beauty regime and the only things I’ve got down pat are having a wash and moisturising. I am doing pretty well at cleansing my face before bed most evenings but that’s about it! Then there’s the mornings, urgh! I really would like to be a ‘morning person’, the type that’s pro-active within the first half hour of waking up. I say waking up because I can get up with no problem, just don’t expect a conversation :). I’ve recently slipped with my morning routine (again) and all I want to accomplish is three things, apart from breakfast because I’d never forget that! These three things are drinking lemon water, taking vitamins and exercise. Basic I know but hopefully my new vibrant visual aid in the kitchen will give me that extra boost!

For my pictures I used my stuff that I (attempt) to use every morning. I took photos on my iPhone and to make it stand out I used coloured card. I don’t own a printer so I used a little automatic photo develop machine in my local supermarket.

Yes. I have parsley displayed in a vase.

Feel free to comment if you also have trouble keeping up with good intentions. If so, then how do you try and remind yourself everyday??



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