Tassel Chandelier

The spare is room where I’m usually busy with my creations. It hasn’t really had much attention paid to its décor compared to the rest of our apartment. It’s hard when you don’t own the property you live in because you want to make it feel like your space without making any permanent changes. There’s hardly any furniture, no shelves on the walls or even any nails sticking out anywhere to hang anything. The walls are all white so changing the look of the room is quite easy really. The one thing that I can change without altering the room is the ceiling light! I love the minimal look and I’m grateful for the white walls (instead of magnolia) but a big pop of colour in the middle of the room is just what it needs.  This quick project really was a spur of the moment idea with some bits that I already head,  all bits are easily available in the shops if you want to make your own tassel chandelier.

SAFETY WARNING: Make sure the light switch is turned off and the light fitting isn’t faulty before playing with it.. I may have accidently tripped the all the electric in the apartment when hanging my chandelier! Ooopsiee!

What you’ll need to make your own:

·         Embroidery ring

·         Tassel fringe (the length should fit the circumference of your embroidery ring)

·         Wool

·         Bottom of a plastic bottle

·         Some thick material for the top of the chandelier (Enough to cover the circumference of the bottom of the plastic bottle). I used leatherette.

·         Large sequins or any other fancy jewels!

·         Scissors

·         Marker pen

·         A large threading needle incase you had trouble attaching the wool through the holes

·         Glue gun and glue



Step 1

Cut the end off your plastic bottle and turn the end upside down.  Pierce equally spaced holes all around the outside and cut a hole in the middle big enough to fit your light fitting through.

 Step 2

Count the pierced holes and cut off the same amount pieces of wool. Make sure all pieces of wool are the same length and then tie one end of each one to a hole. Once they’re all tied on (double knot advised!) pull all the wool down to make sure they’re all equal and give them a little snip if need be.

Step 3

Place the plastic bottle bottom in the centre of the embroidery ring and equally spread out all of your wool pieces. Use your marker pen and put a dot where each piece sits.


Step 4

 Gluing the wool. While you’re waiting for the glue gun to heat up double check that all the pieces of wool are the same length. Then glue each end to the inside of the ring onto a black dot.

Step 5

While the glue gun is still hot start adding your sequins or jewels to the wool. this can be as neat, equal or as random as you like! I doubled up my sequins to hide any of the glue.

Step 6

Cut the thick material the same circumference of the bottom of the plastic bottle and glue it all the around the side.

Step 7

Add the tassel fringe! Simply glue it all around the inside of the embroidery ring and you’re ready to hang your chandelier!


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