Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Spring is a time for cleaning, feeling fresh and starting new! I love a good clothes clear out this time of year. My winter garments can be packed away for the year and I get to rummage in my summer clothes box to make me feel like I have a new wardrobe again! Yey! But how many summer items are actually that new and how many winter items did you actually wear last season?? Who catches themselves using the phrase, ‘but you never know when I might need it?’ I used to frequently say it and wouldn’t see and problem in filling every single bit of storage space with so many unworn items of clothing! For me, hoarding tonnes of clothing only led to negativity. It took me longer to getting dressed because I couldn’t find what I was looking for and everything was constantly getting creased because I squashed everything up!

The saying,  ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ really does ring true with me because I feel so much more relaxed when my wardrobe looks more minimal. Let’s face it, we love to shop so why not get rid of an old, unworn item every time something new is purchased? Be honest, and think, when was the last time you actually wore it?! A handy tip for those of you that aren’t ruthless enough to get rid of your clothes in a heartbeat is to store them away somewhere else for a while first. I currently have a box in the spare room which is holding many items that I’m planning on donating. It will stay there for a month (or two!) and if I haven’t missed anything that’s in it then I certainly don’t need it! Apart from these sunglasses that is!

Here are some pointers to help you de-clutter, spring clean and clear your wardrobe!  🙂


Does it even fit anymore?

Have a little try on session. You’ll soon see you’ve probably gone off the style or it doesn’t suit your new hair cut since you last wore it.


If we’re not wearing our clothes there is always someone out there who certainly will. Taking clothes to local charity shops is an obvious one and they usually have a big sign up in their window if they’re in need of donations. Many homeless have a limited amount of possessions, including clothing. Organisations such as Help Refugees, St Mungos and Salvation Army are always extremely grateful for donations. ONLY bin clothes if it has a stain on it that you’ve tried to get out a million times, it smells odd or completely damaged.


Organise a clothes swap! This is a perfect excuse to get all your friends together, have a good chin wag,  have a few drinks and finally get hold of that LBD of your mates you’ve had your eye on for years.

Make some money!

Still have clothes with labels on you were going to take back but missed the deadline date? Sell it! Get it on eBay! There are also apps like Spock and DePop where you can sell locally too.


Can you up-cycle any of your clothes and bring them to life? Embroidery is popular this season , buy some patches to sew on a shirt or old jeans. Give your long sleeved top the cold shoulder or simply add a pompom to an old bag. You might even find a new creative skill or hobby! 😉


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