Scrummy Salmon Salad


This is a meal I’ve been cooking every week religiously since moving to France. It’s actually inspired from a gorgeous salad I had in Ibiza earlier this year. It’s great lunch for a warm day and seeing as we’re still getting a lot of those in the Sud de France I can keep on enjoying it! 🙂 I’ve had spiralized courgette for while now with Bolognese but never thought of eating it raw. It’s actually really refreshing, especially when it’s been coated in the right flavours! The olive oil and other flavours soften the carrot and courgette when left to soak for 1-2 hours in the fridge. Don’t worry if you don’t own a spirilizer, most supermarkets have now started stocking all sorts of spirilized veg. A bowl full of this meal will fill you up without feeling stuffed.

Ingredients (serves 2 people)

• 2 Salmon fillets (I usually oven bake mine at 180 degrees for 10 mins and then fry them skin side down for 5 mins to make the skin crispy)
• 1 large courgette
• 2 large carrots
• 50g of couscous of your choice (or quinoa)
• 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
• 2 tbsp olive oil
• 1 tspn garlic granules or powder
• 1/2 tspn chilli powder
• 1 tspn black pepper
• 1 tspn basil
• Feta cheese
• Olives


Step 1

Sprilize the carrots and courgette into a large mixing bowl.

img_7845Step 2

Mix in all of the flavours; Garlic, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, black pepper, chilli powder and basil. Leave this mix in the fridge for 1-2 hrs


Step 3

Pour boiling water onto the couscous. Once the couscous has swelled, fluff with a fork. Serve the carrot/courgette and couscous in two bowls.


Step 4

Sprinkle crumbled feta cheese and olives before serving the cooked salmon fillets on top! Done! The suspicious black drinks are home-brewed iced coffee, if you were wondering what they were! I’ll do a separate blog about which is my favourite way to make it soon!


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