Pompom Sandals

A pompom adorned item that has caught my eye for a while now are the pompom sandals I keep seeing advertised on every social media account. They are so vibrant and fun but just so expensive for me! I decided to have a go at decorating some of my own sandals to see if I could recreate a similar look. I have 3 different size pompom makers and the small seems to make pompoms that are still a bit big to decorate my feet with. I solved this by trimming down the pompom as much as I could without losing the shape of a ball. Now the end result doesn’t look exactly like the sandals I’ve been eyeing up but at least I’ve not had to spend any money and I really love the way they’ve turned out! I’ve got the pompom bug again now so don’t be surprised if more keep popping again soon! 

To make your own you will need:


·         A pair of sandals

·         Wool or thick thread for the pompoms

·         A large needle

·         Scissors

·         Thick fabric to sew the pompoms onto (I used leatherette)

·         Hair grips



Step 1

Making the pompoms! I used my pompom maker from Hobbycraft. If you need a tutorial of how to make them just holla! 🙂

Step 2

Trim the pompoms to your desired size.

Step 3

Sew the pompoms onto a piece of material which is the same size of the strap on the sandal you’ll be placing the pompoms onto.


Step 4

Clip them on!



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