Plastic Bottle Wall Garden


 I’m no plant enthusiast, so this is why I thought this would be a perfect way for me to start off! Not only am I making a use for used plastic bottles I’m also making sure I don’t kill too many plants on mass! This project is a great excuse to be spending some time outdoors and you’re not too late to get some last minute seeds in before summer! With more and more people buying and renting apartments, not everyone has the luxury of owning a garden. This idea is like making a window box but loads of mini ones for your wall or balcony when don’t have much space. It’s also a great idea for kids to be given their own garden to look after and learn to take responsibility. I bought a couple of ready grown plants so pop into my wall garden so people can actually see what the plastic bottles are for! If you are a little impatient like me then if you’re buying pre grown plants to put in, make sure they’re only small because the soil hasn’t got  too much depth in the bottles.

To make your own you’ll need:

·         Plastic bottles

·         Scissors or a craft knife

·         Sticky tape

·         String

·         A hook or nail if you don’t have anything to tie the wall garden to

·         Soil

·         Seeds or plants

·         Lots of love and water


Step 1

Give your plastic bottles a good wash. Take any labels off and make sure there’s no nasty smells or unwanted sticky drinks to contend with.

Step 2

With your scissors or craft knife, make the opening for the flowers in the top of the bottles. Make sure they’re not too narrow and give the plants some room to grow.

Step 3

Make sure you have more than enough string for them to hang from.  for one hanging garden you’ll be needing two lengths of string twice the length of your wall then doubled over. I had to buy a hook from my local garden centre because I had nowhere to tie it to at the top of my (glass) wall!

Step 4

Pierce holes into the base of the bottles. Two either side as equal as possible. Make a few smaller holes to allow water to drain.

Step 5

Threading the string. Once piece of string should be folded over so the ends are dangling at the bottom. Secure the top however you wish, you may have a wall, balcony or window so this is up to you.  Get some sticky tape and wrap a little of it around the ends. This will make it easier to thread through the holes. Now thread the two ends through each of the larger holes on one side and tie a double knot underneath before repeating on the other side. Note: Keep an eye on the level of the bottle. You don’t want a lob sided container for your plants!


Step 6

All your bottles should be hanging equally. Now take it off the wall and place on the floor to fill with you soil, seeds or plants!! 🙂

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