Plastic Bottle Plant Hanger

The mission is still on to create stuff with all of the plastic bottles I keep  collecting in my craft  cupboard! I wanted to make our balcony look a bit more lively but seeing as it’ll be winter soon I’ll wait until next year to spruce it up in time for spring! For the time being I bought the next best thing… a couple of cute cacti for the living area :). They need brightening up to match the rest of the décor so thought I’d try and make some vibrant plant hangers out of the bottles.

what you need to make your own:

·         Plastic bottles

·         Potted plants

·         parcel string or ribbon, wool etc to hang the planters

·         scissors

·         marker pen

·         glue gun and glue gun glue

·         paint or embellishment to decorate the plant hangers


 Step 1

Pick two or three bottles depending on how many plants you have. Preferably the bottles should be the same size. Cut them down so they are a little higher than the pots of your plants. These will be your hangers.


Step 2

Mark with a pen on the inside and pierce 3 holes around the tops of the hangers. Make sure they are a line with each other when placed on top of each other. The end of one side of the scissors should be fine to pierce the plastic. Then pierce another 3 holes in the bottom of one of the hangers, again making sure they’re a line with the other holes.



Step 3

The fun bit! Decorate your hangers however you please! I enjoyed using this project as another excuse to paint. I love painting! I added some extra string around the top of a hanger as part of my decoration. I ised glue gun glue to keep it into place.


Step 4

Once your decoration or painting has dried you can attach your string. The length of the top string (the longer pieces) depend on where you want to hang the plants so get a tape measure out measure from the hanging point to half way down the hanger. This will give you enough string to make a few knots. The string needs to be even so you don’t end up with a wonky plant! Cut three pieces the same desired length. Tie them all together at one end and then with the other end mark off evenly where you’ll be making the knots at the other end. Thread through the top hanger and then knot. Cut three other shorter even pieces of string, knot them all at one end. Thread them through the bottom of the top hanger, evenly mark where the final knots will be then thread onto the top of the bottom hanger and knot into place!         

img_8207    img_8208  img_8209

Now I know that sounded a bit all knottty, thready and hangy but i’m sure you’ll have fun getting the ‘hang’ of it! Get it? Funny aren’t I?





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