Plastic Bottle Desk tidy

Here’s my first of many uses of plastic bottles / containers! What a quick craft session that was! My sewing machine desk has been looking rather messy for a while now. In fact the whole craft room needs a sort out! I have the space but not a lot of storage. Lets just say the room is a working progress! I’m lucky that all of my plastic containers that I’m up cycling are white. Most of our apartment is white so the desk tidy will match well! If you want to change the colour of your bottles / containers then make sure you give them a coat of paint and wait for them to dry before following the steps in this tutorial.

You will need:

·         Plastic bottles/containers

·         Patterned tape

·         Ribbon and embellishments

·         Scissors

·         Glue gun and glue stick

·         Split pins

·         A sharp tool or drawing pin to pierce the plastic


Step 1

Choose the number of containers you desire and cut any bottles to your desired height. I knew I wanted my desk tidy for my sewing desk so I checked the height of my fabric scissors and measured the tallest bottle against those.

img_8122 dsc08763

Step 2

Use patterned tape to smoothen the edges of the bottles that have been cut. Wrap it around the top and then cut slits every few centimetres to enable the tape to fold inside the bottle neatly.


Step 3

Decide where you would like to decorate the rest of the plastic containers with the embellishments and use the glue gun to secure them.

img_8132 dsc08766

Step 4                                   

Once you have chosen the arrangement of containers connect them together with split pins. Firstly piercing the containers with small holes then pushing the split pins through to secure. Mine didn’t feel stable enough at the top so I used a blob of glue gun glue to keep it all in place.




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