Peek-A-Boo Pouch

I regularly find myself saying ‘I’ve lost something’,  ‘I can’t find it’ or ‘I’ve definitely left it at home!’ only to then find said item once I’ve emptied the whole contents of my bag out later that day. How much easier would it be if you had x-ray vision and could just see straight through your bag?! Well this is the next best thing! It’s a really simple idea but great for helping you find stuff that little bit quicker. I’m not too keen on having a completely see though bag as it’s nice to be able to hide your stuff away, whether it be for security or just to hide your secret mess you seem to have created in it!

Below is a tutorial for making the bag from scratch. I won’t give exact measurements because it depends what size you would like to make yours. First of all decide what you’re making your bag for and then find a zip big or small enough to fit your items in and go from there.  If you already have a bag you would like to convert into a peek-a-boo bag just follow steps 2 & 3 . I will be setting up a shop on my blog in the near future and have some cute ideas for some more of these peek-a-boo pouches. If you don’t fancy making your own then watch this space for some readymade ones!

You will need:

·         Thick fabric. For this one I used a fabric similar to denim

·         Needle and thread if you’re hand sewing but a sewing machine will probably make it last longer

·         Mesh or netting

·         A zip

·         Ruler

·         Fabric chalk


Step 1

Measure the length of your fabric against the zip. I recommend the width should be 3cm shorter than the length of the zip or the same. You should have a square or rectangle shape to cut out. Cut out two pieces the same size

Step 2

Before sewing the zip to the fabric cut a gap out of one of your pieces of fabric. Make sure you leave at least 3cm of fabric at the edge of the widths and top length. At the bottom of the bag leave at least  4.5cm of fabric along the length. You can now measure from this how much netting or mesh material you’ll need. Cut enough to cover the gap and overlap it by at least 1cm.

Step 3

Cover the gap with the netting and pin it into place on the side of the fabric which will be on the inside of your bag. Then sew all around to secure.


Step 4

Sew on the zip! With a thinner fabric I would usually hem the top edge first but I didn’t want to sew through the thick fabric twice. I cheated and folded the top edges over and held in place pins before sewing onto the zip. Do this twice with both pieces of fabric, as shown.

Step 5

Once the zip has been attached it needs to be undone and the bag then needs to be pinned together inside out (or outside in rather!).

Step 6

Sew all around the edge of the bag starting about 1cm away from the end of the zip and finishing 1cm away from the other end of the zip. Once secured, snip the corners off and you can now turn the bag inside out! Voila!

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