Pallet Day Bed

This is the most outside space I have experienced at a property that I have lived at since moving out of my parents! Yes, it’s still only a balcony but it’s a big one! Knowing we were only going to live here for about 18months we didn’t really want to spend a fortune on garden furniture. I’ve wanted to put this idea into practice since last year now but I’ve not really had the chance to pick up a pallet when I’ve seen one and when I have had the chance they’re nowhere to be seen! After interviewing Inddes Furniture last week and seeing all the amazing photos of their creations using reclaimed wood I was inspired to get a move on with it! My creation is obviously nowhere near as good as quality as Inddes Furniture but it will do for a short term alternative. This day bed is so simple to make and you don’t even have to add a headboard! If you do fancy making one then have a read of my simple steps of how I made mine below. I’d love to see if anyone else has made a day bed and what other ideas you may come up with in the process! I love the fact that the bed can be turned into bench! I actually only discovered this once I was putting it away to be covered up for some bad weather that was rolling in. 🙂

For more information on pallets I highly recommend reading this article on first. You’ll find out that there a different types of pallets, how to choose a safe one, how to thoroughly prep them and tips on where to find them.

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden pallets (2 or 3)
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint
  • Varnish or sealer to protect the wood


For the optional section mentioned at the bottom of this post…

  • Hammer
  • Long nails
  • Tacks (small nails)
  • Plastic table mats


Step 1

Locating pallets. I found one of mine behind the local supermarket and asked an employee if I could take it. The other two were purchased at a large home ware department store for 9 Euros each! This was so much more appealing than constantly being on ‘pallet lookout’ when driving around.

Step 2

Remove all pins, staple and anything else sticking out that may be a danger or get in the way when sanding.

Step 3

Sand down as much of the pallets as possible or the parts that will be and sat on and lay on anyway.

Step 4

You can paint a much or as little of the pallet as you like. I went a bit crazy and ended up painting the logo on it for my new business that I’m currently working on. Then add a finishing product to protect it.

Step 5

Make it as comfy as you can! I measured the pallets and bought some foam from the local fabric shop. At 30 Euros for two pieces this was the most pricey part of the project! I probably could have shopped around for a bargain but I had waited long enough to make this idea into a reality! I already had enough fabric to sew my own cushion covers. You could buy some fabric too or simply throw over a picnic blanket or large beach throw! Then finish off with a few more cushions for comfort.


Optional  (Headboard and Side Table)

The side table was an extra bonus. I found two mini wooden pallet/crates and took the middle plank of wood from each of the middle of them. I did this by gently knocking them out with a hammer. Just as before sand them down and paint. These two planks were then used to secure the headboard on either side of the bed and behind the base of the bed with the long nails and hammer. For the side table I simply secured them on top of each other with long nails and then tacked on place mats for the table top!


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