Organise Your Nail Varnish or Paint

This is a quick organising hack for nail varnish lovers, painters or artists in general! I don’t know how anyone else stores their nail varnish but mine always ends up being collected in a box and shoved in a cupboard somewhere. I don’t really like having beauty products on show because I don’t really use them that often and I think my craft room has enough going on in there to make enough mess!  Because I don’t often do my nails I always forget what colours I have accumulated in my box so it’s always a case of me taking them all out to have a look at them and testing out the colour before applying .

Simply use a small paint brush to apply white nail varnish to the top of all the nail varnish lids. Once all have been coated, clean the paint brush in a small pot of nail varnish remover and wipe any excess nail varnish off with a cotton pad.

Once the white nail varnish has dried use the paint brush to paint a coat of each colour of varnish on its own lid! This is also great for lots of tins / pots of paint that are stored in a drawer or box.

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