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Welcome to April! The month where we definitely know we’re well on our way into spring because Easter is around the corner but not quite getting the summer vibe with all of the spontaneous April showers we’re greeted with. This weekend, after a glorious sunny week, the heavens have truly opened! I have damp feet from my afternoon food shop and it looks like we’ll be housebound for the rest of the weekend. Being stuck in the house isn’t such a bad thing when you love getting crafty like me! This weather reminds me of when I was a little girl who was happy staying at home making things with cardboard and sticky tape. As you can see in the photo above… not much has changed! I’ve been collecting toilet rolls forever, for no actual purpose, so I’ve been having a browse for ideas online to see how best to put them to use! The school holidays are just around the corner so this is the perfect time to share my top 10 favourite toilet roll crafts to keep your little (or big) ones busy! There’s at least one craft that is suitable for everyone. I’m especially excited to do idea No.5 for the French three year old that I teach English to. 🙂


Idea 1

When your child feels like they’ve made a musical instrument but it’s a lot quieter! Kids craft room knows 😉

Idea 2

Chloemejustme  shows you how to making something fun but also encourages the pens to be a lot tidier.  😉

Idea 3

Take up twitching with theresourcefulmama. Give the bird a little treat and welcome them into your garden.


Idea 4

kidsactivitiesblog have some great ways to bring sea creatures to life!

Idea 5

This is so simple yet effective for learning! I love how thrive360living has made this craft educational but fun!

Idea 6

If you’ve been meaning to organise your make-up or art supplies this website helps you tidy up in a stylish way.


Idea 7

Click here for perfect for Easter treats!

Idea 8

laughingkidslearn know how to feed a kids imagination.

Idea 9

Having a party? moonfrye have the perfect excuse to have one!

Idea 10

the seamanmom knows about those who love a good old video chat..





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