I’m not talking about speed garage for those who know in the UK! I’m talking about ‘finding your niche’. It can mean different things to a lot of people. I think of it as discovering that one main thing that you’re really good at and then being successful from it. Are you one of those people? I love making things, as you know from this blog, but I never seem to stick to a niche of creativity. I’m always flitting from one project to the next! This is why I think this site is perfect for me. I get to try out and make all sorts of different things and I actually have a purpose, sharing it with you guys! I don’t just want this site to be about my creations. I want to celebrate what interesting and innovative ideas others have achieved and discover what natural creativeness this world has to offer all of us. I’d love to know if anyone feels the same as me or has recently found their niche? If so, shout out and be proud! If you’re still searching like me then please share what fun things you’ve been doing whilst trying to find it! I’m really excited about starting this blog, it’s taken me long enough to set it up! Time to reward myself with a creation! 🙂


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