New Year! New Challenges!


Happy New Year! A bit late but as long as we’re still in the month of January I’m still allowed to say that aren’t I? Now I know I’m lucky to be over here in France. We wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for Rhys’s job [insert online thank you smooch to the boyfriend here]. We don’t know how long we’ll be living here, so we are definitely making the most of it! Last year Rhys joked that I was always on the balcony in the sunshine. I wasn’t always on it, I just made the most of it at lunch time. Well someone had to!

This year so far we are making the most of the snowy mountains, the Pyrenees to be exact! Since Rhys and I got together he’s always wanted to get me into skiing and I’ve not really been overly interested due to the cost of all the gear you need for it. Beach holidays won every time! Now we live so close to so many resorts I have no excuse! The closest resort is an hour away from Pau so we can just make a day of it and still come home to make dinner :). As I’m writing this I’ve had 3 days of skiing under my belt with two lessons. I can confirm that I like it!! Nearly loving it but that’s all to do with my confidence and it didn’t help that on my second skiing day ever I accidently went straight from practising on a baby slope to a pretty hard blue slope!! For those that have never visited any snow resorts before it means I totally skipped out trying any of the easier green slopes! To say I was scared is a massive understatement! I didn’t think I’d ever make it down and was quite satisfied with taking what would have felt like a trillion mini side steps ALL the way to the bottom. Rhys stayed with me the whole time and there was no way he was going to let me side step so I just had to keep going for it. I fell down multiple times, had my skis in the air and winded myself but I eventually made it to the bottom. Shaking like a leaf I managed to hop onto a ski chair to take us to the restaurant area only to get my ski stuck at the end! I got myself into another panic and they had to turn off the lift until I could set myself and my ski free! That really did make me feel like I’d had enough by then but I’ve since had my 3rd skiing session and I did not leave the green slopes all day! I’m so glad I didn’t give up completely because even though I’m still a bag of nerves, especially when I’m not able to control my speed, I’m definitely improving. 🙂
It’s never too late to learn something new, as I’m also discovering with the French language! Are you thinking about learning something new this year? It doesn’t have to be as costly as skiing can be, I had hula hooping on my learning list once! There are a lot of tutorials online to learn new skills. Kitting, playing an instrument, baking or even building your own website! This summer I’d love to learn to surf and there are still many places for us both to visit in South West France and Northern Spain. Does anyone have any recommendations? Should I make a list of weekend visits to tick off before we have to leave??


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