Making a dress from drab to fab!

A follow on from my previous post ‘Second hand to second life’, this up cycle is very simple indeed! I think it’s my favourite out of the two dress projects because this one is so versatile. It can be worn as a summer bikini cover up or worn day or night with jeans!

Step 1

Just like the first up cycle. Wash the dress, make it smell fresh and cut out any unwanted bits like shoulder pads or undergarments.

Step 2

Give the arms a snip. The elastic ends definitely had to come off mine. If your arms are long  you may want to cut them to 3/4 length to avoid the kimono looking like a dressing gown. To cut both arms the same length fold the dress in half and lay one arm on top of the other.

Step 3

Lay the dress flat and cut up the middle of the dress. This is where you need to try it on to see how it fits on the back of your neck and how it falls at the front.

Step 4

Pin it all into place, however you’ve decided that it fits best. Then fold all raw edges under a couple of times before sewing a hem on the arms and the opening! Done! How easy was that!?


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