Looking up!

Looking up! Something I always do when walking about, especially in a new place or city. You never know what you might spot! There’s a lot of amazing architecture to admire above the streets and on top of tall buildings old and new. It’s easy to miss when we’re distracted by busy people and rows and rows of the same old department stores. Sneaky street art is what I mostly love to discover when looking up and around me. I can’t remember when I first started appreciating street art. It might have been when a friend asked me to take photos of any graffiti I may have come across when I visited Australia (or New Zealand?!) for the first time. I took loads of photos and actually made quite a large album! I kind of became a bit obsessed and graffiti spotting soon became a hobby. I now have photos of street art from almost every city and country I’ve visited and love comparing all of the different styles. In my opinion Bristol, San Francisco, Buenos Aires and Manchester are the best graffiti hot spots I’ve seen so far! Where are your favourite places and who are your favourite artists? There are so many amazing pieces of art out there! Since moving to Pau I haven’t seen any street art at all except for one artist named Invader. For those that haven’t heard of Invader, he makes little mosaics of the Space Invaders from the computer game and places them randomly in cities all over the world. He takes the invaders out of the game into your real world but I feel like I’m in a game and I’ve just won points every time I spot one! Do you have any where you live? I lived in Manchester for 3 years and I still don’t think I found each one! Since July I’ve spotted 3 mosaics in Pau, they might not all be made by Invader himself but they still amuse me just as much and it’s because I’m always looking up 🙂

img_8298 img_8315 img_8316 img_8317 img_8318 img_8319 img_8320 img_8321

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