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Last week I made an announcement for a regular blog I’ll be posting every Friday in the coming future. I plan to acquaint you with a whole bunch of amazingly talented people. I’ve asked array of creative souls to answer a handful of questions to give you an insight to their colourful life and to fill you with inspiration for your weekend! I’m excited to kick off the first Creative Friend Friday with Jo Mackay aka JAM FACE so without further ado….



I know you as Jo the fabulous make-up artist. How would you describe your work to others and what makes it so creative?

Thanks so much 😉 So yes, Hi I am Jo Mackay, British born makeup artist and hair stylist. JAM FACE is my brand and I specialise in faces 🙂 The name JAM came from my initials Joanne Alison Mackay and FACE from my area of expertise. JAM FACE works in all areas of makeup and hair including Editorial, Beauty, TV, Film, Bridal and special Events. I also body paint from kids parties to international body painting showcases. 


How did you end up working in this field? 

 Well I’ve always been a creative soul. When I left school I went to a private musical theatre college and did a degree in Dance. From there I taught for a while but something wasn’t quite fulfilling me so I had an option to either join arts college or makeup. I’d loved art all my life but for some reason I choose makeup as for me it was a new way to draw and express myself using faces instead of paper. After one year of study I got a job with MAC cosmetics and that’s really where the fun began! I owe MAC everything, the 9 years of incredible training, travelling, amazing artists I met along the way and opportunities that company gave to me has brought me to where I am today. I much prefer to be my own boss with my own brand but my MAC days I will always treasure. 



Tell us about your favourite creation or project to date…

Ohh that’s a hard question to answer as I have so many favourites! Going to Paris for the very first time for couture fashion week was pretty special. The makeup looks we created there just had a different beauty about them. Couture fashion in Paris is just an incredible experience and I remember being there feeling like I was the luckiest girl ever. My favourite project has been creating JAM FACE and seeing it come to life! When it’s your own business the smallest thing like receiving your business cards in the post is like Christmas Day 🙂 .


 …and your most bizarre request on a job?

A really funny job always pops to mind when I’m asked this question. So a few years back I worked on the Pro to Pro World Body Painting exhibition in London and we were head to toe painting a female and male model. For the design to be perfect the models had to be completely naked which isn’t unusual in these jobs however it wasn’t quite my usual day at work. Part of the day i had to cover the male models whole privates in those little fuzzy felt goggly eyes (you know the black and white ones where the eyes wiggle around) I’m not sure he found it as funny as me but that was definitely a great day at work.

 What or who inspires your work?

 I think when your a creative everything inspires you. Everything around me, nature music art everything I look at gets my mind buzzing. For me though I’m very inspired by other amazing artists. Not just makeup artists or hair stylists but photographers especially for me. My favourites are Nick Knight and the late Helmut Newton. Nobody for me leaves an impression on fashion photography like they do/have. 

 Do you do anything special to get your ‘creative juices’ flowing? 

 Sleep! Ha. No really I have to have good rest to be able to function properly and be really creative. It’s one of the most important things for me to perform at my absolute best. After sleep is music. I have to start the day listening to my favourite music cranked up loud with the windows open and sun shining on my face! That’s when I fee alive. Luckily I live in Ibiza Spain and mainly for this reason. Music and sunshine feeds the soul. 

 What projects are you working on right now?

 JAM FACE is always growing and learning. I am doing some training courses in other aspects of the beauty world as I always want to learn and expand my mind. I think it’s very important to grow and not get stuck. I am very inspired by a lot of work I saw at AW 17 Fashion week in London in February so I am working on incorporating this into up and coming jobs.

Any new and exciting plans for Jam Face this year?

 That would be telling! *****watch this space***** haha I am preparing now for a busy summer but I have a few projects up my sleeve for the coming year 😉 .


….A massive thanks to Jo for taking time out of her busy schedule to give us a peek into her creative life! Please check out her new website JAM FACE and keep up to date with her work by following her on Instagram and Facebook .

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