Introducing… Jeremy Rice

Every Friday in the coming future. I will be acquainting you with a whole bunch of amazingly talented people. I’ve asked an array of creative souls to answer a handful of questions to give you an insight to their colourful life and to fill you with inspiration for your weekend! This Creative Friend Friday we get to meet Jeremy Rice aka Jag Images London so without further ado….



I know you as Jeremy the snap happy go lucky, hard working professional photographer. How would you describe your work to others and what makes it so creative?

I would describe my work at the moment as capturing people on camera in the most beautiful light I can find. Wanting to find the true essence of their personality and to make the images feel as authentic as possible. What makes them so creative is a combination of 15 years of practice in taking photos and a passion/drive for creating what I feel is the perfect image.



How did you choose your creative outlet?

I would say photography found me. At art college at 16 I was doing Fashion & Textile design at Salisbury college and the floor above was photography. I realised after meeting people on the photography course and seeing what they did that I felt more at home at the floor above. I loved how instant the photography was rather than sewing up which I was crap at! Also I was heavily drawn to the idea that I could use the photography as a way to convey my thoughts, ideas and politics that I felt incredibly hard to with pen and paper at school, being highly dyslexic. I felt in photography as my creative outlet I finally found my voice!



What inspires you?

Many things, from music, social movements, people in my life, articles in the news, to words like truth. Creativity is in everything that interests you and spikes the imagination.



What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

Making a living out of what I love to do – Photography. The proudest accomplishment so far would be a project for a charity called ‘Afruca‘ which helps the plight of modern day slavery happening in the Nigerian community in the UK.


…and your most memorable/crazy project (or job)?

Last summer being commissioned to photograph for Qatar airways to shoot their top 10 destinations around the world in the space of 2 months. From shooting on the Great Wall of China to New York Times Square. It was the kind of job I had dreamed of doing for many years and then it became a reality and I loved every single minute of it.



If you had the opportunity, what creative person (living or dead) would you like to work with?

Bill Hicks.


What are your words of wisdom for someone starting out in your field?

Follow your heart and then you can never go wrong.



If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Tough question. As I love many places, including where I live now in London, I would have to say Rio De Janerio in Brazil. It’s without doubt the most beautiful city on earth as well as having some of the worlds most friendly big hearted party loving people on the planet!



What are you most excited about in the coming year?

My two brothers getting married, friends having babies and doing more of what I love! Photography!



Thanks Jeremy for giving us an insight into your exciting and creative job! Wish we could travel the world with you!

Jeremy’s work can be seen at Jag Images London. Keep up to date with his photography adventures and follow him on Instagram.


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