Introducing… Chris McComiskey

Every Friday you have the pleasure of being acquainted with a whole bunch of amazingly talented people. I’ve asked an array of creative souls to answer a handful of questions to give you an insight to their colourful life and to fill you with inspiration for your weekend!

This Creative Friend Friday we get to meet Chris McComiskey, founder of Inddes Furniture and maker of many wooden delights in Birmingham!

Loving the logo for your business Chris! Tell us about the name of your business and how design for the logo came about…

I design and build industrial style furniture primarily using reclaimed wood, and I wanted my name and logo to reflect this. The name Inddes is an abbreviation of the words ‘industrial design’, because that’s what my furniture is about! The logo, designed by my good friend Ernest Otoo, is also simple and indicative of what my furniture looks like – it features my company name surrounded by a ring of wood grain. I have recently acquired a heat brand and the logo looks ace stamped onto wood!

Why did you decide to take this path with Inddes Furniture? What was your inspiration?
 I’ve always been interested how things are made. As a child I would watch my Grandad, who was an engineer, building and creating anything from a rabbit hutch to a house extension, and everything in between. My dad inherited his hands on skills (he is a DIY pro!) and I guess he passed them onto me. When I started my own family and we moved into a bigger house, I decided to try my hand at making a few bits for our place…and  I became hooked! I did up our garage and turned it into a small workshop and began selling a few pieces in my spare time. After the birth of my second son Milo, I decided to take the leap and pursue making and selling furniture full time. So I guess my inspiration has been family – I want to use the skills and passion for woodwork I inherited from my dad and Grandad, and use them to create a better future for my own kids.
When and how did you discover that you were a creative person?
 Creativity runs in our family – my brother is a dj and music producer, my mum makes handmade cards and other crafts, and as I mentioned before my dad and Grandad have always been good with their hands. Growing up I was more interested in the manufacturing of things rather than the design, and it wasn’t until my late teenage years that I began to tap into my own creative streak. I enjoyed woodwork at high school and I studied engineering materials and Computer Aided Design at university. I’ve also dabbled with music production, which I really buzzed off as it made me realise how much I loved being creative, but it was only when I designed and built my first piece of furniture that I felt like I’d truly found my calling!
What does creativity mean to you?
 Ultimately I’d say it’s about coming up with original and unique ideas, but also I think a big part of it is taking inspiration from the world and people around you. I think creativity is infectious and I’m really lucky to have a circle of talented creative friends, from artists and designers to musicians, and I love being able to bounce ideas off each other. There might even be a couple of collaborations in the pipeline which is really exciting!
If you have experienced creative blocks, how have you overcome them?
 My mind is constantly creating but I think if I allocated a particular time to designing then a creative block would be inevitable. I always have my notebook to hand so I can scribble down designs as I think of them rather than putting pressure on myself to come up with ideas at certain times. I also draw inspiration from social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, but if I’m still not feeling creative I will step away, clear my mind and perhaps go for a kick about with my son, and come back to it later on.
   Creative Blocks
How would you describe the style of your work?
My pieces are simple and modern, but they are also loaded with character. Most of my pieces feature reclaimed wood with steel or copper accents, creating that industrial vibe. The markings and imperfections on the wood add to the charm of each piece and give a clue about the history of the material. I love transforming an old bashed up piece of wood in to a beautiful piece of furniture.

What has been your favourite creation to date?

  My favourite piece so far has been the pyramid shelving unit that I did as a commission for a customer in London. It was different from anything I’d made before, and it was also the biggest thing I’ve done which was a challenge, but an enjoyable one. I was mega happy with the end product as it was exactly how I envisioned it and it looks ace in its new home.
Future projects/what’s next? 
I have just been commissioned to build some pieces for a local barbers. This is my first commercial job which I am really excited about. I am working on a few new pieces as  well which you will find on my Etsy shop soon, and I will hopefully be selling at a few local maker markets in the near future. Watch this space!
Sounds like Chris has some exciting work in place! Make sure you follow him on Instagram to see these new projects develop and keep checking in on his online shop to grab a unique piece for your home or business. 


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