Gold Foil Balloon Cushions

With Valentines approaching there is no way of avoiding seeing at least one red heart dangling in a shop window or something valentines related in your instagram feed. Although we all know it’s another commercial money grabbing day I’m afraid it’s still going to happen. I personally feel the love every single day of the year, in all sorts of different ways, including my love for chocolate! Yep, I heart chocolate! If you fancy putting your love on show for a lot longer than a day or a week then there’s no better way than to say it with padded letters that look like gold foil balloons 🙂 .

You can of course use whatever fabric you like but if it’s shiny it’ll look more like a balloon with the creases created. Here are some steps below to give you a hand if you’re making your own.

You will need:

  • Shiny fabric. Not to thin and not stretchy
  • Polyester filling
  • pins
  • pattern paper (any plain paper should do as long as you can see what you’re drawing on it)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • Ruler (if you don’t have cm2 pattern paper)
  • Cotton to match the colour of your fabric
  • Sewing machine or needle for hand sewing


Step 1

It’s important to draw out your chosen letters first for templates. You’ll be cutting out x2 of each letter and will need them both to be exactly the same size. My letters are quite small because I made mine to hang like a small bunting type decoration. If you’re wanting larger letters to make actual cushions and want to follow my measurements then you should multiply each number by at least 3. You’ll see if it’s the size you want when you draw out your first template.

I like to leave a cm shaded around the edge of my templates so not to forget to leave enough fabric for the hem when cutting out the fabric!

Step 2

Once you have drawn your letters, cut them out and pin them to your fabric. Cut out the letters and repeat. Remember to turn over the fabric for the second letters if you’re using patterned fabric. this will ensure you have your pattern showing on the front and back.


Step 3

Pin your letters together. For patterned material face the letters with both right side facing in. Make sure you leave a gap large enough to be able to turn your letter inside out once sewn.

Step 4

Sewing the letters can done by hand or machine. Make sure a straight stitch is used either way to prevent any restriction or pulling that may change the letter shape. Sew all around the letter about 1 – 0.5 cm from the edge leaving a gap. Once the stitch is secured snip off any corners. I found the letter ‘O’, oh so difficult. Pics are at the bottom of this post to see how I made mine.

Step 5

Turn your letters inside out. Use your pencil to push out all of the corners. Stuff the letters with the polyester filling and use your pencil again to make sure the polyester reaches everywhere and fills it all out. Once filled you can sew up your gap and secure the stitch!

Once you have completed your word, adding string, ribbon or thin strips of fabric to create the balloon effect is optional. I’ll be on the hunt for some transparent cotton to hang up my LOVE letters to give them the floating helium effect!


My trouble with the letter ‘O’

I figured that I couldn’t sew up the centre of the ‘O’ while it was inside out so I sewed the outside of the ‘O’ only.

I left a gap and then turned it inside out.  I was making my letters quite small so I didn’t have enough room to tuck in the two pieces to fold and make a neat hem for the inner part of the ‘O’. I decided to change my stitch to zig zag to secure the hem. If hand sewing, a basic over stitch should do it.

Then it’s ready to stuff with polyester and sew up the gap! 🙂


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