Doughnut Ring Pin Cushion

Now this is a craft project that Rhys highly approves of! I finally have somewhere to stick all of my pins, instead of leaving them lying around to regularly stick to socks or even worse – bare feet! Oops. I’ve seen a few doughnut pin cushions online and loved them because they remind me of the inflatables in a pool on our Vegas holiday. I’ve not been bothered to make one thinking it would be too timely until I spotted a tutorial on Wrapped Up In Rainbows! Lauras steps are pretty easy to follow and the doughnut she made was just too scrumptious not to make!

What you’ll need to make your own:

  • Felt – Brown an Pink
  • Matching embroidery threads – note: I couldn’t wait to go buy more thread so mine is slightly off colour!
  • Variety of coloured embroidery threads or beads (for the sprinkles!)
  • Stuffing
  • Pen and paper for the doughnut template. (I drew round a glass for the outer circle and used a deodorant lid for the inner circle. Laura has a fab PDF template on her blog you can print out but I don’t have a printer!)
  • A needle
  • Pins
  • Scissors

Step 1

Draw 3 circles on your felt exactly the same size. 2 brown or beige for the doughnut part and a colour for the icing. As mentioned above, I drew round a glass for the outer circle. Laura has a fab PDF template on her blog you can print out.

Step 2

Cut out the circles.

Step 3

Draw small 3 circles in the center of each piece and cut them out. They need to be in exactly the same place.

Step 5

Cut around the outside of the coloured piece of felt you’ve chosen for the icing. Make it wavy to make it look like the icing is dripping down the doughnut.

Step 6

The sprinkles! Choose however many beads you like for the topping using the same coloured cotton as the felt. Then with the same cotton stitch the icing felt piece onto the top doughnut piece.

Step 7

Sewing the two brown / beige pieces together. Sew all around the edges using a blanket stitch and pack in the stuffing as much as you can as you go. Alternatively sew all the edge, leave a gap for the stuffing then seal it up!

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