Cute Cactus Frame

My first creative post in a while! Well as in the DIY kind anyway. I’ve been away capturing many magical moments on my jollies with friends so at least I’ve been creating something – memories! This little cute cactus frame was made before we headed off for the Paris – Mykonos trip. I was a little worried about my balcony flowers not making it alive for our return. With no one to water them for me I wanted to come back to something to put a smile on my face in case they died. As it happens the flowers were as perky as you like and survived! Here’s how to make your own.. You can put anything in the frame really!

What you’ll need:

·         A mount for a frame or some thick, stiff cardboard

·         Toy stuffing or cotton wool

·         Any fabric for the picture you choose.

·         Thinner card for the middle of the mount or frame

·         Thick card for the base of the chosen shape of your picture

·         Stapler

·         Glue

·         Needle and thread


Step 1

Cut out a frame to your desired shape or use a mount. Then draw your shape in the middle of the frame on some thick card so you can get an idea of what size it needs to be. Once drawn then use it as a template on the thinner card to draw round and put aside for later. Make sure that this thinner card is slightly smaller than your whole frame.


Step 2

Take the thick cut out card shape and apply glue to one side. Then cover the glue side with the toy stuffing.

Step 3

Roughly cut out some fabric about double the size of your shape and stretch it over it then staple it into place. Your shape should now be padded. It doesn’t matter how scruffy it looks at the back!

Step 4

Carefully cut out the shape in the thin card. This will be the main background for the frame which the padded material will fit through.

Step 5

Place the padded shape face down into the cut out shape. Using a thin strip of thin card or paper sew it onto the back of the padded shaped onto the fabric, staple the paper either side to secure (making sure the staples aren’t visible in the middle of the frame) . Then glue to the back of the frame!

FYI: Depending on the chosen shape, you may have flimsy bits to sew in.

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