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Since arriving back to France the weather really has noticeably changed! It’s actually cold and we have to wear proper coats! Eeek! This weather also calls for all of my comfy clothes, pyjamas and anything fluffy and cosy to resurface for winter. I’ve been having a sort out of my clothes and realised that anything that may slightly fall into my loungewear category just ends up on a chair or crumpled up at the bottom of my wardrobe. I mean, there’s no point ever ironing and folding up my joggers or baggy t-shirts because I’m never going to leave the house wearing them anyway! However true that maybe it still makes the bedroom look a mess! I don’t actually have any spare spaces to put these clothes away in so this is how I thought of making my cosy clothes bag!


I loved the grey knit French Connection cushion cover that it once was, it was a moving in gift from Mum when I lived in Manchester and when the zip broke on it I couldn’t throw it away. I know, I know, I could have probably sewn in a new zip but I already had the cosy clothes bag idea in my head and using the cushion cover saved me a job of making an actual bag! All I really needed was some fabric for the string to pull through, the zZZ and the pompoms were an added extra.

 If you have an old or broken cushion cover you would like to turn into a drawstring bag it’s really easy! I can’t provide you with measurements for the tutorial as the measurements you need would be relevant to the size of your cushion cover.

To make your own  you will need:

  • Cord for the drawstring. The measurement for this should be 4.5 longer than the width of the cushion.
  • If your cushion is knitted like mine or made of a thick fabric then it might be easier to add a large hem instead of folding over the Fabric to feed the cord through. I measured it’s length to be just over the width of the cushion x2 and a bit. The width of the fabric strip should be about 2/3 inches wide.
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread if hand sewing.
  • Iron and ironing board.
  • Extra material and wool for the Zzz’s and pompoms if you want them!

Cut your strip of fabric for the cord to pull through using your cushion cover to measure it against.

Fold it lengthways and iron along the middle. Open it up and iron in the edges to prevent fraying, then iron over and hem the ends.

Turn the cushion cover inside out. Fold the fabric strip in half again, give it another iron again and pin it to the inside edge of the cushion cover (which is currently on the outside!)

Now you should be ready to feed the cord through at one end, feed your cord through, around the other side (make sure some cord is left sticking out). Once it is out feed it back through the same end again  and you should end up with two ends sticking out.  When you pull the two ends the drawstring bag should tighten.

Zzzs and pompoms are optional!


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