10 Fun Pompom Ideas

For the past couple of years there has been a huge surge in pompom madness. I got swept up in it all when I discovered the pompom makers in Hobbycraft. I got so excited that I could make my own pompoms that I literally made them every day! I tried to make as many uses for my pompoms as possible including, cushions covers, festival wear, garlands, key rings… the list goes on! They are such an easy way to jazz things up and add colour to your life and I’ve found that there is so much pompom inspiration out there in the shops and online. Here is a fun list of different pompom ideas from fellow crafters and artists. You’re welcome! 🙂

1. Moji Moji Design has made a gorgeous cushion. How good would a few of these be in the garden?

2. As well as stocking all your gorgeous glitter to give your face a beautiful shimmer, In Your Dreams have created the perfect pompom peepers!

3. It’s a good job Stephanie Dulieu  and Frilly Pops decided to collaborate otherwise they might never have got together and created these fab cherry earrings!

4. Samantha Metell models this fantastic pompom sunhat! What better way to brighten up any holiday outfit!

5. Tie your pompoms to a piece of string or weave your own rope. Make an easy garland to use for birthdays, Christmas or all year round happy hangings! Art Bar Blog will show you how!

6. Sparkles of Sunshine is such a lovely name it’s worth visiting their site just for that! Their beautiful pompom wreath idea is an added bonus.

7.  Need a centre piece for a party but don’t have enough room on the table or you want to jazz up your child’s bedroom without them being able to pull it down and break it.. oops, I mean play with it 😉 Art Bar Blog has got this super colourful and easy chandelier.

8. Make and do crew can show you how to give your feet a super soft squishy hug with this rug 🙂

9. Sometimes less is more and quicker too! 😉 A really easy way to upgrade storage baskets or beach bags with Homedit!

10. Animal pompoms! For those who like a challenge get your paws on these tutorials. I love both Pom Maker and Mr Printables tutorials because they use two different techniques but the outcome is just gorgeous!


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